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The eye lid also intervenes in eye health

Eyelid care

The eyelids are the mobile skin folds that cover the anterior part of the eye and whose main function is to protect the eyeball.

At the edge of the eyelids the eyelashes are born and it is the area where the Meibomian Glands are found.

Good eyelid care is important to prevent diseases associated with this part of the periocular area. In order to prevent the appearance of these, some of the tips to follow are:

  • Daily make-up removal of the palpebral area with specific products such as wipes for cleaning the eye area.
  • Use of gels and / or moisturizers, decongestants and antioxidants creams.
  • Use of sunglasses with UV protection to prevent oxidation of the eyelid skin and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Avoid rubbing the palpebral area with the hands in case of stinging so as not to irritate the skin and make micro wounds. Use of specific creams in these cases.
  • Makeup with hypoellergic and specific products.
Eyelid-related illnesses

Main functions of the eyelids

Maintaining the tear film

The function of the tear film is to protect the eye from external influences and maintain the health of the cornea and the conjunctiva.

    1. Optical function because it maintains an optically uniform corneal surface.
    2. Mechanical function with the washing of cell debris and foreign substances of the cornea and the conjunctival sac, and lubrication of the surface.
    3. Nutrition for the cornea
    4. Antibacterial function

The tear film is formed by 3 layers of different composition. The inner or mucinic layer, the intermediate or aqueous layer and the outer or lipid layer. The lipid layer is formed thanks to the secretions of Meibomian glands, located on the eyelids. These are sebaceous glands that secrete lipids that are part of the outer layer of the tear.


The eyelids close to protect the eye, in fact it is a reflex when something approaches the eyeball. Therefore, when there is a lesion on the surface of the eye, one of the most constant symptoms is the tendency to have the eye closed. It is curious how well coordinated the eyelids are to be opened just for us to see, and the rest of the eyeball that is above or below the cornea are covered. When we look down, the upper eyelid follows the movement of the eye, so that the upper part is not exposed. And the lower eyelid does the same (to a lesser extent) when we look up.

Cleaning the eyelids

The objectives of the correct cleaning of the eyelids are the following:

  1. Clean the crusts and secretions.
  2. Avoid corneal injuries.
  3. Anti-infective prophylaxis.
  4. Maintenance and improvement of welfare.
  5. Makeup removal

The cleaning of the eyelids can be done in different ways, being the most comfortable, cleaning with the use of special individual wipes.

For the correct use of the wipes, these should be used individually in each of the eyes, never utilizing the same wipe for both eyes.

For the hygiene of the eyelids and eyelashes one of the eyes must be closed and then applying the impregnated wipe on it, performing a small massage with circular movements to perform a correct cleaning, removing and dragging the residues from the area. Repeat the action in the other eye with the use of a new wipe.

For the hygiene of the palpebral edge, place yourself in front of a mirror, with the help of the index finger, slide the lower eyelid downwards so that the inner part of the palpebral conjunctiva is exposed. Roll up the impregnated wipe and gently pass it over the eyelid margin several times taking into account not touching the ocular surface with the wipe. Repeat the action with a new wipe on the other eye if necessary.

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