THE COMOD® SYSTEM  – The safest solution for your eyes.

The Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) can be alleviated by the use of artificial tears or also called eye drops or lubricating eye drops.

In the market there are artificial tears in containers without sterile closure that must include preservatives to prevent bacteria and fungi from colonizing and multiplying rapidly in the humid environment of eye drops.

The most commonly used preservative is benzalkonium chloride. Other preservatives that are used to preserve eye drops are: Polyquad®, Purite®, Oxyd®, cetrimide, polyhexanide, chlorhexidine, … These agents have a somewhat higher tolerability than benzalkonium chloride, but do not subtract the possible side effects.

The use of preservatives in eye drops, in the long term, can cause keratitis, allergies, affect the regeneration of ocular tissue and aggravate the dry eye problem. In addition, these additives are not always well tolerated.

Therefore, the best long-term alternative for dry eyes are eye drops without preservatives.

The innovative packaging of URSAPHARM. The innovative sterile container from URSAPHARM developed by Brill Pharma, the COMOD® system, does not use preservatives and is germ-free.

The COMOD® system, a patented container, capable of keeping the eye drop sterile and hermetically insulated against contamination, for 6 months once opened, allows to completely prescind from preservatives.

How does the device work?

Our COMOD® dosing system is fully automatic. The liquid inside is packaged in a flexible bag, hermetically sealed, and never comes into contact with external air. After the activation of the pumping system, the inner bag is compressed with each instillation, the compensation of the pressure is effected by the entry of air between the space of the inner bag and the wall of the container. In this way, the inner bag closes and the liquid is protected from contamination. The content remains sterile for an application period of 6 months – no added preservatives.

Precise dosing

In addition, the COMOD® system allows an accurate precise dosing of 30μl only for one drop per instillation. This content is particularly productive. Each vial containing 10 ml, produces a minimum of 300 drops. The quantity of liquid discharge is dosed through the precision valve system. The instilled drops are uniform in size for each application, thus achieving a reliable and more consistent effect.

All of our HYLO tears use the COMOD® system:

  • Phosphate free

  • Without preservatives

  • Guarantees the sterility of the product up to 6 months after opening

  • Accurate dispenser, precise drip

  • Container of 10 ml – 300 drops

  • Easy to administer

  • Suitable for contact lens wearers