Test de amsler DMAE

Hacer clic en la imagen

You can evaluate the symptoms of a possible alteration of the central area of the retina using the Amsler grid, online and in a simple way.

The image used consists of a square formed by a grid of identical and parallel straight lines that has a point in the center.

To do the test you will have to click on the image, place your eyes at approximately 30 centimetres and fix your gaze at the central point, alternately covering each eye. If you wear contact lenses or reading glasses, you will need to wear them to do the test correctly.

The person who is affected by AMD will see wavy, turbid, deformed,… and not straight lines. And you will even perceive the latticework in pieces, or you will see the center point as if it were an isolated spot in the middle of the frame.

Always keep in mind that this method does not replace a complete and personal examination of your vision by an ophthalmologist.